Over 35 years of innovative software for the insurance industry


We have been offering innovative software solutions for the insurance industry for the past 35 years. We can do this thanks to the robust combination of in dept knowledge of the insurance industry and experience in IT. In this way we help our clients stay competitive in the complex and demanding insurance world.


In 1983 we started as PCS, digitising insurance administrations. So client, policy and claim administration could be done more efficiently. In the years that followed this digital administration kept developing. After a few takeovers PCS became CCS. A prominent supplier of software in the insurance industry.

The arrival of the internet, economic growth and changes in behaviour also led to changes in the IT-landscape. Flexibility and speed are essential while maintaining a stable backoffice.

Every day at CCS we work with a team of professionals on innovative software solutions to help our clients further. From working in the Cloud to collaborating with excellent partners, at CCS we make sure our clients are future-ready.

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