Improve your IT efficiency

Keep up with the speed of the business

As CTO, you are held back by your legacy systems and struggle to implement changes. You have questions such as: “How can I keep up with the pace of the business? Where can I find people with the right legacy expertise?”

Create more room in your IT organisation

Reach a solution in three easy steps:


The Digital Insurance Platform integrates every technology to make data freely available. Data from various systems are translated into a single uniform structure, based on the industry standard ACORD. Since all data are centrally available in the same data model, you gain insight into what your systems contain. 



Orchestrate all your insurance operations − from marketing to underwriting and claims − from a central platform. Using all your freely available data, you can then easily model insurance processes with the help of a visual process designer. 

By using a dynamic user interface, processes are automatically implemented all the way up to the front-end applications. This can be applied in a web application or smartphone app. Any changes made to products or processes therefore do not lead to back- or front-office modifications. 


It reduces your dependency on specialist IT knowledge of legacy systems and allows you to operate more efficiently. This, in turn, reduces your IT-related costs and shortens your time-to-market. It allows you to easily keep up with and even help expedite the speed of the business.

The benefits of the Digital Insurance Platform

Phase out legacy systems

With the Digital Insurance Platform, you can gradually phase out existing legacy systems and implement a new system. In addition to saving the time spent on maintaining expensive legacy systems, this will also significantly reduce your licensing and maintenance costs.

Quickly implement changes

The Digital Insurance Platform allows you to turn your back office into “systems-of-records.” By moving intelligence from the back-office to the Digital Insurance Platform, changes and requests can be implemented quickly and easily. This frees up IT resources that are currently used to maintain outdated systems.

Rapid implementation of dynamic user interfaces

The Digital Insurance Platform supports dynamic user interfaces with the help of a user-friendly survey. This survey service contains the business intelligence and orchestrates the mid-office operations (e.g. premium calculations and acceptance services). What this means is that the UI developer only has to design the screen layout and the UI's look and feel.

Less dependence on IT experts

The Digital Insurance Platform creates a manageable IT landscape in which legacy systems can be gradually phased out. Ultimately, this will make your IT environment easier to maintain and manage. That, in turn, reduces your dependence on expert and experienced IT staff who are intimately familiar with your current complex legacy environment.

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