Process optimisation

Gain control over your internal processes

As COO or operational manager, you struggle to quickly modify insurance processes or automate administrative processes. You have questions such as: “How can I quickly change product rules? How can I increase my STP rate? How can I lower my error margins?”

More efficient internal processes

Reach a solution in three easy steps:


The Digital Insurance Platform integrates every technology to make data freely available. Data from various systems are translated into a single uniform structure, based on the industry standard ACORD. Since all data are centrally available in the same data model, you gain insight into what your systems contain.  



Orchestrate all your insurance operations − from marketing to underwriting and claims − from a central platform. Using all your freely available data, you can then easily model insurance processes with the help of a visual process designer. 

Standardised insurance processes can easily be modified via a business rules engine. This gives you complete control and optimal flexibility. Furthermore, you can easily manage and automate administrative processes with higher STP. This reduces the number of manual steps required and ensures fewer mistakes are made.


Lastly, you can easily integrate partners in the Digital Insurance Platform via our Developer Portal (API gateway). This speeds up your collaboration with e.g. specialised insurtechs with solutions for STP claims handling or digital mail processing.

The benefits of process optimisation

Increased flexibility based on industry-standard processes

The Digital Insurance Platform comes with integrated knowledge of insurance operations and industry-standard processes. These rules support applications for multiple products, multiple countries and omnichannel. In other words, no further investment in the platform's configuration is needed.

Easy modification of insurance rules

With the Digital Insurance Platform, you can easily modify insurance rules. You only need to program these rules once to use them for all channels.

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