Flexible and fast wherever you are

Be future-ready. The Cloud offers flexibility and speed. This enables you to nimbly adapt to the volatile market. Whether you prefer the Public Cloud or the Private Cloud, you are ready for the future.

The CCS Cloud solution

Working in the CCS Cloud means no more worries about IT. The CCS Cloud makes it possible to offer open, scalable and flexibly relevant solutions. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to log in safely to your environment, any time, anywhere.

The advantages of working in the Cloud

CCS Cloud

A simple migration to the Cloud. So you can quickly move on to your daily activities.

Secure, anywhere and always

All your data secure, always and anywhere. The server is placed inside a highly protected calculation center. There are elaborate safety measures and a robust back up procedure.

Always up to date

Assured of fast developments and their implementation. All your systems will receive the latest updates. So you will always be up to date.


The CCS cloud is scalable. You can access your data anywhere, any time, for a fixed price per user.

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