STP claims platform

CED is a loss adjuster that focuses, among other things, on handling claims for insurers, intermediaries and agents. CED has developed its own claims handling system, called CED Connect. CED Connect automates the claims handling process in several areas.

  • Advantages
  • Cost
  • Support

What are the advantages?

Claims handling

CED Connect helps automate the claims handling process, for example checking the policy, determining liability and financial settlement.

Optimal efficiency

CED Connect provides a noticeable increase in efficiency. The first implementations show an improvement of 150% to 250% within the claims organization.

Customer satisfaction

With its self-service functionality and fast, optimised communication ensuring improved personal customer contact and increased customer satisfaction, CED Connect puts the insured back in the driver’s seat.

Lower claims burden

CED Connect demonstrably ensures a lower claims burden. The system determines coverage, liability, the claim amount, fraud and recourse.

What are the costs?

  • Per transaction and depending on volume.
  • One-time configuration costs.

Who can help me?

For support, contact CCS directly through the customer portal.