Assurantie Apps

Customer communication

Simplify customer communication and increase customer satisfaction with your own app. With an app from Assurance Apps, your customers always have the right information at their disposal. Increase your service level and let your processes run more efficiently using your own app.

Assurantie Apps
  • Advantages
  • Cost
  • Support

What are the advantages?

Simplified customer communication
  • Customers can quickly and easily update their details and submit claim forms.
Fast information sharing
  • Keep your customers informed with your own news updates.
  • Send a push message if you want to communicate something important quickly.
Extra experience
  • Add photos of your employees to give a face to the contacts.
  • Videos are easy to post.

What are the costs?

  • Annual subscription costs for the use of the Concapps platform in combination with Marketplace.
  • One-time configuration costs.


Who can help me?

For support, contact CCS directly through the customer portal.