Customer contact platform

Finly enables financial service providers to work more efficiently and in a more customer-friendly way by successfully implementing Finly, the customer contact application.

Finly is an online omni-channel customer contact platform. With Finly, customer contact processes are innovated, optimized and digitized. The platform consists of 12 modules that together lead to a complete and efficient advice and management solution. The modules can also be purchased separately.

Finly offers concrete solutions for claims management, both business and private, term death insurance, disability insurance and mortgages.

Finly - CCS Connects
  • Advantages
  • Cost

What are the advantages?

Real-time data
  • Always the right data at the right time, so you can optimally serve the customer.
  • Double input of customer data is a thing of the past.
  • The output of interactive conversation structures are directly captured in the source system, enabling comparisons and quotations to be drawn up.
All information accessible from Level
  • Based on the data in Level, automated mailings can be scheduled for the efficient management of portfolios.
  • Based on the data in Level, management and acquisition processes within Finly can proceed efficiently and satisfy the requirements of compliance. Offering advice from the very first contact up to and including the settlement.
Remote advice

Easy deployment of innovative communication options such as remote advice and interactive conversation channels.

What are the costs?

  • Monthly subscription costs for the use of the Finly platform in combination with Marketplace.
  • One-time implementation costs.

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