VoIP telephone integration

Panas provides business communication solutions to financial service providers. The solutions that they offer are therefore of great added value. This includes managing call waiting, providing emergency numbers, providing insight into occupancy levels, recording conversations and linking them to customer files.

That’s why, they have such a clear picture of what you encounter as a user. The need for customer friendliness, speed, efficiency and insight into the behaviour and wishes of the customer are well-understood by Panas – everything that is required to ensure optimum accessibility. It is not for nothing that Panas is a specialist for the financial service providers.

  • Advantages
  • Cost
  • Support

What are the advantages?

Current customer data directly in view
  • Relevant customer data appears immediately on-screen with an incoming call, allowing the file to be viewed and the conversation anticipated in advance. This works both with primary telephone numbers and linked relationships.
  • Also with internal transfers, the correct customer data is transferred to the relevant colleague.
Overview and statistics
  • Easy-to-view statistics on incoming and outgoing call traffic, important for monitoring and managing the telephone lines.
  • The availability of all colleagues is visible.
Work more efficiently and more flexible
  • Call your contacts with one click of the button.
  • Save time and avoid errors caused by manual transfer of telephone numbers.
  • Work anywhere as if you’re at the office. All you need is internet access.
  • Outside office hours, emergency numbers are set up to ensure you are readily accessible.
  • Centralised acceptance is possible at multiple locations.
  • Mutual calling is free and the availability of all colleagues or affiliated intermediaries is immediately visible.
  • Calls can be forwarded directly to a specific department or employee.
Safe and trustworthy
  • The telephone solution is delivered via a secure cloud environment. This gives you access to the latest functionality. The risk of calls being disconnected, the continuous cost of updates and maintenance – these are all things of the past.

What are the costs?

  • Monthly subscription
  • Call expenses
  • One-time implementation costs

Who can help me?

For support, CCS can be contacted directly via the customer portal.