360 degree customer view

Unite all your applications, devices (IoT) and data in one dashboard and platform. Ranging from (CRM) customers, to do lists, workflows, customer service and processes or other items. Start arranging everything centrally today and make a start on digitization!

All information at a glance

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  • Advantages
  • Cost
  • Support

What are the advantages?

Everything clear in one overview
  • All important information clear and comprehensible on one screen.
  • Set up your dashboard with the widgets that are important to you.


  • Handle requests from clients quickly and professionally.
  • Unite your company at every level.
  • Bring all departments or people together with your optimal workflow.
  • Create a cloud workflow management system that works the way you want it to.
  • Set out tasks or processes within different departments and structure each department or business unit within the company.


What are the costs?

  • Monthly subscription costs
  • One-time configuration costs

Who can help me?

For support, contact CCS directly through the customer portal or via support@vobesoft.com.