Technical Managed Services

Always up and running, so you can work when and wherever you want

Prevent disruptions using our technical system and application management services. We provide expert advice and help with the design and maintenance of the system, ensuring that everything stays up and running, so that you can continue your work anytime, anyplace.

Continuous improvement


We have been supplying robust software for 35 years. To keep the uptime and performance high, we are constantly working on improving our software and systems. This enables us to minimize disruptions, and, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we are ready to spring into action.

The benefits of technical management

Pre-emptive maintenance

We provide pre-emptive maintenance, for example by installing updates, maximizing performance, cleaning up the file server and conducting system checks before a release update. We give advice about the system capacity and adjust the system parameters accordingly.

Corrective maintenance

First and foremost, we perform technical maintenance to prevent disruptions. We continuously scan and provide updates to program corrections for third-party software.

Backup procedures

Always assured of a back-up and the correct back-up procedures.

Management of links and connections

At the first sign of disruption, or if a link or connection no longer works, we take immediately action. Thanks to our technical expertise and our experience in dealing with suppliers we are able to provide quick and effective solutions.

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