Technical Managed Services

Always the right technical support

Reliable and continuous processes that simply go on for ever. Our Technical Managed Services will take care of that. We provide the advice, help with the configuration of the system and provide periodical maintenance.

Continuous improvement


CCS’ Technical Management will configure your system for you. We are constantly improving the software and maintaining high performance. We minimise interruptions. And if something should go wrong after all, we spring into action right away.

The advantages of technical management

Pre-emptive maintenance

We apply pre-emptive maintenance. Such as the installing of updates, the maximising of performance, cleaning up files on the file server and a system check before a release update. We give advice about the system capacity and adapt the system parameters.

Corrective maintenance

Most of our technical management is done to prevent interruptions. We are constantly scanning and provide updates for program corrections for third party software.

Back-up procedures

Always assured of a back-up and the correct back-up procedures

Management of links and connections

At the first sign of an interruption or if any links or connections no longer work we immediately set to work. Thanks to our technical expertise and our experience in dealing with suppliers we can provide a quick solution.

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