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Connect everything, your systems, data and devices to a single platform to accelerate innovation. Orchestrate your insurance enterprise with portals, back-office systems and third-party solutions with our Digital Insurance Platform. Design seamless customer journeys with customer-centric experiences for both personal and commercial lines – from quotation to claims, and policy renewal.

Eliminate complexity

Insurers often operate within a complex IT landscape. This complexity inhibits the speed with which innovations can be implemented and makes it harder to keep up with clients’ ever-changing expectations. With CCS, you can take back control over all your insurance operations: from marketing to underwriting and claims.


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Efficient integration

Insurers can connect each system to the Enterprise Integration Bus once, giving you a clean integration with the rest of the enterprise. This saves millions of dollars in costs and radically shortens the time it takes to integrate systems by significantly reducing IT complexity. The Digital Insurance Platform not only integrates with systems within an organisation, but also enables secure integration of third parties outside your own organisation through a developer portal, including a sandbox environment for testing and as a basis for Open Insurance initiatives.


Maximise your API investment

Bring new products and services to market faster. From new mobile apps to insurtech integrations to enhanced omni-channel initiatives. APIs and microservices drive differentiation and business growth.


Insurance specific integration and process orchestration platform

With more than 35 years of experience, CCS is the only one to offer an insurance-specific orchestration platform.  It contains all the necessary relationship, policy and claim APIs with which you can reduce the complexity and lead time of changes as much as possible. The platform gives you control over the entire ecosystem.

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