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Ready for the future. At CCS, we help you to make the step up to embedded and real-time connected insurance with our Digital Insurance Platform.

Insurers often operate within a complex IT landscape. This complexity inhibits the speed with which innovations can be implemented and makes it harder to keep up with clients’ ever-changing expectations. With CCS, you can take back control over all your insurance operations: from marketing to underwriting and claims.


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Digital Transformation

To stay relevant in the long term, insurers must offer an excellent client experience, optimally utilize their data and embrace new technologies and services. With our Digital Insurance Platform we help you get ready for the future.


In-depth insurance knowledge 

We understand the challenges you face in the insurance sector. For more than 35 years, we have been combining this in-depth knowledge with our IT expertise to help insurers to compete in the complex insurance market. Today, more than 2000 organisations trust in our expertise and software solutions.


Faster innovation through collaboration

Marketplace is our open ecosystem built around innovative solutions from third parties. Marketplace allows you to innovate your services faster than before and optimise processes pertaining to: Customer Experience, Data and Operational Excellence.


Digital Insurance Platform

The Digital Insurance Platform integrates all technologies to make data freely available, directs business processes from a centralised platform and expedites innovation and digital transformation. The Digital Insurance Platform consists of a combination of our software solutions; smart mid-office Roundcube, open ecosystem Marketplace and back-office system Level and can also be integrated with other back-offices and third-party applications.

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