Data Management

Improve the quality of your data and use data efficiently

Improve data quality and ensure successful data integration with Data Management. This creates "one version of the truth." This is critical in making strategic decisions and accelerating time to market, increasing revenues and improving customer satisfaction.

Data quality

An insurer's IT landscape is complex. Data is collected and stored separately in different departments. A central overview is missing and this can create a lack of clarity about what exactly is stored in the various systems.

Consistent data management in all applications

Increase operational efficiency, improve risk management and simplify regulatory compliance. Data Management within the Digital Insurance Platform enables you to harmonize, synchronize and clean up your enterprise data and code sets. Redundant data and errors are eliminated with a true multi-domain and multi-data management platform.

The power of one language

All internal and external data from multiple systems is translated to the same standard (based on ACORD) and a uniform structure. This makes all data more efficient to use and freely available.

The benefits of Data Management

A single standard and uniform data structure

All internal and external data from multiple systems is translated to the same standard (ACORD) and a uniform data structure.

Make better use of your existing data

Because data becomes freely available, you can make better use of it, without having to switch to a new back office system.

More efficient processes

Good data management enables you to model processes efficiently and so orchestrate the entire insurance business.

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