The ecosystem for the insurance industry

Marketplace is CCS's open ecosystem where innovative third-party solutions can be easily acquired from our AppCenter. This allows insurers and intermediaries to innovate their services and optimize processes more quickly. Marketplace various categories has divided across the themes: Customer Experience, Data and Operational Excellence. Partners and customers with innovative solutions can add their solutions to Marketplace via our Developer Portal.

The benefits of Marketplace

Innovation at your fingertips

Marketplace offers you flexibility and speed. You have access to innovative solutions at your fingertips. You can find the latest offerings on the Marketplace AppCenter.

Everything in one place

Functionalities in the field of Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and Data. From insurance apps and claims handling to fraud detection; everything you need for a better customer experience and more efficient business operations.

Open structure

Marketplace is open to everyone. It offers an extensive range of APIs for the exchange of customer and policy data, claims and financial data, which can easily be tested and linked using a sandbox environment via our Developer Portal.