The smart mid-office for the insurance industry

An insurer's IT landscape is often complex. This slows down the speed of innovation and makes it difficult to continue to meet rising customer expectations. Roundcube is CCS's rich integration platform that helps accelerate your digital transformation.

The smart mid-office

Traditional back-office systems are no longer able to support the insurance industry with today’s business challenges. With Roundcube you can use the data you have without having to immediately part ways with your legacy systems. With Roundcube you are ready to play in the top echelon of digital insurance.

Industry standard data model

Roundcube comes with built-in insurance knowledge and industry standard processes, based on 35 years of insurance industry experience. The platform has an industry standard data model that greatly improves the quality and uniformity of your data.


Roundcube helps to integrate quickly with internal and external systems. Such as CRM- and ERP systems, back-offices and fraud or vehicle data services. All this data is translated into a uniform structure and is freely available.


This in turn enables you to efficiently model processes and thus orchestrate your entire insurance business, from product management, sales & marketing and underwriting to policy & claims management.


As a result, you are able to stay agile and fully in control. And you can, for example, modernize legacy systems (step by step), launch new products faster and optimize distribution processes. You can also collaborate more easily with partners via our Developer Portal (API gateway).

Roundcube’s benefits

Freeing up data

Data is integrated from multiple internal and external systems so that it becomes accessible.

Uniform data model

Data is translated into a unified structure, based on the industry standard ACORD, to enable its efficient use.

Faster updates

No more dependence on the speed limits of modifications to your legacy systems.

Central control

Direct your entire insurance business from one digital platform with centrally modelled processes.

Based on established technology

Roundcube was developed based on the Software AG technology platform and is recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a 'Leader' in the field of enterprise integration and full life cycle API management.

Marsh Chiel Ruijs - IT Manager

At CCS they don’t just know the product inside out, they also understand the market.

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