Trends and developments in the insurance industry

Webinar Celent & CCS

Get inspired by Celent analyst Craig Beattie and learn more about his latest thoughts around Digital Insurance Middle layers.

DIA Prime Time

Rewatch our Show & Tell at DIA Prime Time. Learn more about our success story of launching a Digital Bancassurance Platform.

The hyper-personalized customer approach

The clearer your insight into the risks and other characteristics of your customer, the better placed you are to make decisions about the optimal price and/or characteristics of a product. How can a modern insurer excel in this area?

CCS Annual report 2020

Read here the results for 2020 and our plans for 2021

Standard, and yet, unique

Many insurers use custom-built systems. But those who make smart use of best practices and field-tested standards can show pace and decisiveness.

The Rise of the Digital Insurance Middle Layer

10th of June 2021 | 03:00 PM

The importance of IT modernization

As an insurer, how do you play at the top of the digital insurance market and how do you make the step to embedded and real-time connected insurance?

CCS wins Digital Insurance Agenda’s DIAmond award 2020

CCS’s Digital Insurance Platform wins the company a DIAmond award 2020, from Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA), for insurtech with the most strategic impact.

Hip, but not happening

Why digital transformations are so slow to get going and how to do better.

How can insurers optimize the impact of their technology investments?

How can insurers optimize the impact of their technology investments?