Digital Insurance Platform

Integrate, orchestrate, accelerate

To remain relevant in the long term, insurers need to deliver an outstanding customer experience by leveraging their data and embracing new technologies and services. With the Digital Insurance Platform insurers take full ownership in orchestrating the insurance value chain end-to-end, from product management, marketing & sales and underwriting, to policy & claims management.

Digital Insurance Platform

CCS’s digital platform created specifically for the insurance industry. The platform combines smart mid-office Roundcube, open insurance ecosystem Marketplace and back-office system Level in a single platform, through which you can orchestrate your entire insurance business.


Orchestrate your end-to-end insurance business

By managing and directing processes centrally, the dependence on back-office and front-office is minimized. This ensures cost savings in the field of IT and a faster time-to-market. Read more about 'Orchestrating'.

Create a personalised product portfolio

Take advantage of a data-driven product portfolio where the price can be determined dynamically. This way you can approach a customer in a timely manner with products that are really relevant. Read more about 'Product Management'.

One version of the truth

Improve data quality and ensure successful data integration with 'Data Management'. This creates "one version of the truth,” which is critical for strategic decision-making and for accelerating time to market, leading to increased revenues and greater customer satisfaction. Read more about 'Data Management'.

From data to insight

Tailor-made reports and dashboards provide real-time insight into key performance indicators, from both a strategic and operational perspective. With 'Reports & Dashboards' data is converted into meaningful insights. Read more about 'Reports & Dashboards'.

Making predictions based on your data

Discover hidden opportunities and increase profitability. Predictive analytics not only enables you to offer specific and personalized products and prices, but also helps you to make the service to your customers more personal. Read more about 'Predictive Analytics'.

Integrated policy administration

The Digital Insurance Platform integrates seamlessly with any back office. If you don’t yet have a back office, implementing 'Policy Administration' will enable you to modernize and gradually say goodbye to your existing legacy administration system. Read more about 'Policy Administration'

Digital Insurance Platform benefits


The Digital Insurance Platform offers a wide range of out-of-the-box functionalities for faster development of new insurance products and distribution models.


The Digital Insurance Platform makes it possible to orchestrate the end-to-end insurance chain, from process and product management to the integration of partners and services.


The Digital Insurance Platform is cloud-enabled and supports full scalability and rapid rollout to serve multiple markets all at the same time.

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The Digital Insurance Platform has supported us in a record breaking time-to-market to launch the first cyber insurance product in Germany, followed by several new products in the coming months

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