How do you keep customers happy?

New digital technology offers a lot of opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. It just requires a solid step-by-step approach.

The hyper-personalized customer approach

The clearer your insight into the risks and other characteristics of your customer, the better placed you are to make decisions about the optimal price and/or characteristics of a product. How can a modern insurer excel in this area?

Standard, and yet, unique

Many insurers use custom-built systems. But those who make smart use of best practices and field-tested standards can show pace and decisiveness.

Hip, but not happening

Why digital transformations are so slow to get going and how to do better.

How can insurers optimize the impact of their technology investments?

How can insurers optimize the impact of their technology investments?

Legacy systems

Rigid, outdated systems can make life difficult for innovators in the insurance world. What’s more, such systems are expensive and the knowledge to maintain these old systems is slowly but surely dying out.

Dynamic pricing in the insurance industry

The potential benefits of dynamic pricing are huge. What do insurers have to do to realize those benefits?

What insurers can learn from Formula 1 decision-making

Winning with a data-driven strategy

The power of a platform

Platforms seem to be a smart and lucrative new business model. But there is a lot more to it.

Extreme customer expectations

Extreme customer expectations