Trends and developments in the insurance industry

Keeping pace with the Changing World of Insurance

The need to establish a cost-efficient and customer-oriented organisation as an insurance company is more relevant than ever.

Flexible Process Management and Uniform Data: The Way Forward for Insurers that Want to Innovate.

Processes should not be changed in the back office, but rather extracted from the back office. After all, the back office makes it difficult to modify the processes, so you need a different approach.

Insurtech Trends for 2022

Amid the abundance of sector reports by industry analysts, reinsurers, sector associations and consultancies, we provide you with a recap of what we believe are the key trends to monitor closely for 2022 and beyond.

The Corona Pandemic is Driving the Need for Innovation.

The corona pandemic causing a major impact, making stress-testing and innovation essential. There is now an urgent need to stress test your current legacy system.

Business process optimisation for insurance companies before, during and after the pandemic

Insurance companies have tried to optimise their business processes in recent years, but the really successful examples are rare.

Top 6 Data Science Use Cases in Insurance

The potential of data is enormous, but, to leverage on data, insurers need data scientists or smart tools to make it work. let’s dive into the frontrunners’ world and discover the top 6 data science use cases in insurance.

The future of vehicle damage repair for the insurance industry

Vehicle damage repair is getting more expensive. What impact will this have on the damage repair sector and the insurance industry?

The insurer of the future needs a new kind of technology leader

The chances are that your IT landscape has started to resemble a kind of "spaghetti architecture". What do you have to do?

This is how you get a complete overview of all your data

Good data management is crucial for insurers to survive. However, making effective use of data is a huge struggle. What to do?

Robotic Process Automation in the insurance market – from total hype to total necessity

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing developments in the IT market. Should we fear our job or is it a gift from the digital heaven?