The back-office in the insurance industry

Level: A reliable and robust back-office for all insurance industry stakeholders, from intermediary to insurer. With everything in one system, from customer and policy administration to claims handling and financial matters, Level enables you to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to keep your focus on your customers.

The complete back-office solution

Level offers a complete back-office system, suitable for the entire insurance industry. It is an integrated solution for all types of indemnity insurances (private and commercial), plus income protection insurance and life insurance products.

Fast and accurate STP

A high degree of straight-through processing (STP) and self-service ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Claims and adjustments are processed automatically, so you get an immediate follow-up that will help you achieve a better real-time customer experience.

Collaboration with best-in-class partners via Marketplace

Level is fully integrated with Marketplace, the insurance industry ecosystem. Marketplace helps you increase your added value, offering flexibility and the freedom to profile yourself as you wish, by selecting from a range functionalities, from digital mail processing to an app or a comparator on your website. 

Works perfectly with Marketplace and Roundcube

Level works perfectly with Marketplace and Roundcube. This way CCS is able to offer an all-in-one solution and the IT always matches the selected business strategy.

The benefits of Level

Reliable and robust

Over the past 35 years, Level has proved to be a reliable and robust system. An all-in-one-system.

Working in the Cloud

You can use Level in the cloud. So you can always access your Level environment. From a private cloud to a public cloud, anything is possible.

Suitable for the entire insurance industry

Level can be used for policy management, claims management, product configuration, financial business, relationship management and omnichannel output.

Integrated datawarehouse

Level has an integrated data warehouse. You can find the complete customer profile in realtime and in summaries. There’s also an option to create your own reports.

User-friendly interface

Level has a user-friendly user interface to quickly and easily carry out your insurance tasks.

Level User Interface

Level Online

Safe, accessible and always up to date

Level Online is especially for insurance offices of up to 10 FTEs. It has the same functionality as Level, but you pay per user. Updates are performed automatically and you do not need your own servers. Level Online includes an Office package. Your data is safe and insured through cyber insurance. Discover more about Level Online.

Summa Rob Hendrix

CCS combines quality and IT expertise with in dept knowledge of the insurance industry. It is because of this combination that we chose to work together with them years ago wholeheartedly.

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