Straightforward product and premium configuration

Personalised customer approach

As CCO, marketeer or product manager it’s important to approach the customer at the right time with products that are truly relevant. You may have questions such as: "How do I gauge the right customer contact moments? How can I bundle products? And how can I personalize my offer?"

Hyper-personal customer approach

Three steps to a solution:


The Digital Insurance Platform integrates every technology to make data freely available. Data is translated from multiple systems into one uniform structure, based on the industry standard ACORD. Because all data is now centrally available in a uniform data model, you gain a clear insight into what is recorded in your systems.



Orchestrate your entire insurance business, from marketing to underwriting and claims, from a central platform. Based on all your freely available data, you can easily develop the optimal product range at the optimal price. Products can be bundled based on data from various internal or external systems. In addition, you can further optimize the customer experience because data from different systems gives you insight into all the different customer contact moments.

Use our standard insurance processes to design products that meet the needs of the business. These standard insurance processes allow you to quickly design and launch new products.


This enables fast product configuration and dynamic price configuration. In addition, based on the available data, the lifestyle and stage of life of the customer can be identified based upon which the optimal product range and the optimal pricing are determined.

The benefits of the Digital Insurance Platform

Hyper-personal offering

Quickly create product and price combinations based on your customer's lifestyle and stage of life.

Easy-to-create product combinations

Easily incorporate multiple products from different back office systems into a combined offer. Expand your product range, making it broader than insurance alone.

Centralised orchestration

Across all your back-office systems, one central place where you can define insurance processes and roll them out to all necessary channels.

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