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Imago Consumer

Imago Consument is a complete “My environment” in which both private and business customers can consult their current insurance policies and make adjustments where necessary. It is also possible to report damage and view invoices.

Bugs Business
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What are the advantages?

  • Imago Consument is fully integrated with the (CCS Level) back office. All data is shown in real time.
  • Imago Consument is not a customized solution but it is a solution that can be adapted. The “My environment” can be seamlessly integrated with the website and corporate identity of your office.

Imago Consument is designed “mobile first” and so provides an optimal customer experience.

Imago Consument can be aligned with the service concept of your office, allowing you to determine the degree of self-service and the freedom of your client to independently perform activities.

The Bugs Business consultants take care of the entire implementation process, providing advice and support during the rollout of the “My Environment”.

What are the costs?

  • Monthly subscription costs.
  • One-off purchase and implementation costs.

Who can help me?

Support is directly available via the Bugs Business customer portal