Control & compliance

Insight into data in IT systems

As CFO or risk & compliance officer, you are not confident about what is being recorded in your systems. This is often caused by a complex IT landscape in which data are stored in multiple systems − sometimes even in duplicate. You have questions such as: “Do we meet our compliance obligations? Are all essential data being recorded correctly? Do I have a complete overview of all relevant client and product information?”

Verification and insight into data

Reach a solution in three easy steps:


The Digital Insurance Platform integrates every technology to make data freely available. Data from various systems are translated into a single uniform structure, based on the industry standard ACORD. Since all data are centrally available in the same data model, you gain insight into what your systems contain. 



Orchestrate all your insurance operations − from marketing to underwriting and claims − from a central platform. Using all your freely available data, you can then easily model insurance processes with the help of a visual process designer. By centrally managing processes − with the help of standard active monitoring and audit trails − every step of the process is fully traceable. 


Since data are not stored in rigid databases but in an in-memory grid, you can recognise events and patterns in real time. This leads to real-time compliance. Think of fraud warnings while a claim is being submitted or real-time solvency insights.

The benefits of the Digital Insurance Platform

Uniform overview of data

The Digital Insurance Platform creates a uniform and fully integrated presentation of the data. You can use this “one-version-of-the-truth” for active process monitoring and data analysis throughout your entire organisation. Everything can be presented in the form of dashboards.

Audit trails 

The Digital Insurance Platform generates an extensive audit trail by creating an event log for all processes that are executed on the platform. The audit trail is stored, easily accessible and can be used to create dashboards that demonstrate your compliance with the audit regulations.

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