Communication platform

With the Postex communication platform, customer communication can be automated and self-service encouraged. The offering and tracking of messages such as bills, reminders, policy sheets and green cards ensures more efficient communication and digitization. In addition, Postex facilitates online payment options (iDEAL). As a result, insurance companies realize cost savings, user-friendliness for the end customer and optimum customer satisfaction.

  • Advantages
  • Cost
  • Support

What are the advantages?

Benefits to your customer
  • Receiving messages is reliable and secure.
  • Customers always have their documents to hand.
  • Documents can easily be viewed and downloaded.
  • Customers can easily pay invoices.
  • Receiving digital mail has never been easier for your customers.
The optimum message for every customer
  • Automatic segmentation based on up-to-date communication preferences.
  • Personalized messages.
  • Automated follow-up actions such as reminders via SMS, email or post.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Increased customer retention.
Insight and reporting
  • Insight into the status of sent messages and payments (track and trace).
  • Real-time insight into customers’ communication preferences.
  • Insight into messages that have failed to arrive.
  • Options for automatic bounce handling.
  • Facilitation of return processing.
Right message at the right address
  • Digital messages are delivered to validated email addresses.
  • Permanent data enrichment of customer contact details.
  • At each contact moment, data is validated and updated.
  • Messages are accessed via a secure transaction page.
Pay with iDEAL in one step
  • Enable customers to pay in a safe and fast way.
  • Bills, invoices and reminders (both digital and printed) include an iDEAL payment option.
  • Payment reminders sent via SMS.
  • Online debit authorization option (e-mandate).
  • Higher customer satisfaction and payment convenience.
  • Faster payment.
Digital environment for the consultant
  • Connected advisors (intermediaries) can view and assess documents digitally both before and after sending.
  • Alternative to manual mail flows to the advisor.
  • Queuing function contributes to the principles of confidentiality and security.
  • Outgoing messages can feature the house style and logo of the consultant.
  • Contributes to data enrichment and a fuller customer profile.

What are the costs?

  • Annual subscription costs for the use of the Postex platform in combination with Marketplace.
  • Per transaction and depending on volume.
  • One-time configuration costs.


Who can help me?

For support, CCS can be contacted directly via the customer portal.